Computer science laboratory

The College  has a well equipped Computer Laboratory, which caters to the needs of the teacher educators and student teachers of the college. There are 30 multimedia computers in the laboratory connected through a LAN. Supportive technology such as Over Head Projectors, Wifi facilities and Internet connection for each system is available. The Computer Laboratory is used for multifarious purposes. It is used for giving orientation about computers to the student teachers and is open for accessing internet by all the teacher educators and all the student teachers of the college. Another innovation followed in the computer laboratory is online feedback system. Learning Management System (MOODLE) facility is also available in the laboratory.

Language Laboratory

A language laboratory is a classroom equipped with audio, visual equipment, tape recorders or computers where people can practice listening to and talking foreign or second language. Language lab is arranged to make second language learning more effective. Emphasis is on speaking and listening. Our language lab is set with 22 computers.

Components of language lab

  • A Teacher console with appropriate soft ware for conducting language exercises.
  • Teacher and students wear headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances.
  • Students have a media player/recorder for listening to audio and recording speech.
  • Teacher and student positions are connected via LAN.
  • A server computer is often used to store lesson materials in a digital format.

Hearing booth:   It has normally 15 booths with tables and seat for learners. Each student has a sound proof compartment called the cubicle. Each cubicle is connected to the teacher console.

Physical science laboratory

The Physical Science Laboratory is well equipped with requisite facilities and equipments. The college has a well equipped science laboratory with demonstration tables, charts and models, and apparatus required for conducting science practicals at school level. The laboratory is utilized for conducting theory and practical classes for teaching of physical sciences. The curriculum of teaching of science requires intensive training in conducting practicals in science at high school level. To achieve this objective, the students are given training in conducting at least 10 practicals in physical sciences.The laboratory is planned in such a way that the contents of theory are substantiated by the charts and models placed in the laboratory, to concretize the phenomena of sciences in the minds of learners. This laboratory is also utilized for giving demonstration lessons in teaching of physical sciences to the student teachers

Biological science laboratory

The College has a well equipped biological science laboratory with apparatus, chemicals, stuffed specimens for both botany and zoology subjects as per the revised samacheer curriculum text.  Black charts with colorful pictures depicting various diagrammatic concepts in biology are displayed in the laboratory. Human anatomical 3Dimensional Models available in the laboratory are highly helpful for the student teachers to learn more about the structure of human organ system.  Digital microscope, LCD Projector facilities are highly helpful to the student teachers to view the microscopic view of the cells. Sterilizing equipments are also available for maintaining the growth level of the micro organism.

Mathematics laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn, explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by the teacher educator or the student-teacher to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics.

Mathematics Laboratory of our College consists of more than 150 materials including concrete objects, pictures, charts and models in various branches of mathematics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, etc. which are of great help to student-teachers to teach 6th to 12th standard students during the School Internship Programme. The models are so designed to cater to the needs of all segments of teachers and learners in verifying formulae, results and applications etc., irrespective of curriculum.

Psychology Laboratory

The College understands the importance of modern development of psychology and also the philosophical ideology of psychology. Thus, we promote the experimental psychology through” Psychology Lab Activities”. Various paper test tools and performance based equipment to conduct the experiments in psychology are available. Our lab has more than 60 equipments which deal with analysis of various psychological phenomenon’s such as Attention, Learning Behavior, Interest, Personality etc. Hands on experience is provided to the student teachers on training on psychological experiments in a modern way.  At the same time the student teachers are taught with the principles of the psychological idea at the time of experiment. Through the experiments and activities of psychology lab, our student teachers are highly benefited in psychological understandings on the problem of their future students. Activities for the personal and professional development of the student teachers are also carried out in the laboratory.

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